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Here we list Claire's tours, concerts, workshops and therapeutic sessions as posted on previous Notice Boards.

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Notice Board 2010

24th and 25th December 2010
Stories and Yuletide songs at the Atholl Palace Hotel.
11th December 2010
Stories with the Reindeers in Pitlochry.
4th December 2010
Fire and Ice festival' at the The Crannog Centre, Kenmore — storytelling.
26th November 2010
Lightnights — Stories from the Yurt ath the AK Bell Library, Perth.
1st and 2nd November 2010
Forest Education Initiative Storytelling Workshops at the Dunkeld Hilton.
22nd October—7th November 2010
Storytelling in the Yurt at the Enchanted Forest.
October—November 2010
Launch of Woodlanders book with article on storytelling and the woods.
31st October 2010
Storytelling at the Crannog Centre, Kenmore.
25th October—11th November 2010
Woodlands: Words & Wonders — Perthshire Big Tree workshops in Highland Perthshire Schools.
27th September—6th October 2010
Nordic Voices Storytelling Festival in Turku, Finland.
26th and 27th August 2010
Felt Story at The Earthship, Fife.
August 2010
Drummond Gardens Storytelling event.
July 2010
Giant's Kitchen — weekly bread baking and storytelling workshops for kids in Highland Perthshire.
5th June 2010
Travellers Tales storytelling celebration in Pitlochry.
15th—22nd May 2010
Bio Diversity Week — Storyteller in Residence at Pitlochry Plant Collectors' Garden in the yurt and Douglas Pavilion. Sessions to be arranged with school groups, etc.
15th May 2010
Etape storytelling in Victoria park: Bicycle Tales.
2nd May 2010
Summer storytelling at Fergusson Gallery, 1.30—4pm, in celebration of the Margaret Morris Exhibition.
May—August 2010
Silver Branch Community Storytelling Project has been generously supported by the Scottish Arts Council. I'm starting a variety of intergenerational storytelling initiatives in Highland Perthshire connecting with the wildlife, traditions and folklore of the area. I will be working in schools, playgroups, libraries, woodlands, village halls, and gardens, telling stories and inspiring others to tell so that we begin to create Storytelling Champions in the communities here. There will also be a storymaking element where knitters, stitchers and hand makers will create a Story Kist playbox for local playgroups.
29th April—17th June 2010
Storytelling project for Artlink Central at Cornton Vale Primary School.
22nd April 2010
Storytelling at Meigle for Edinburgh Academy.
9th April 2010
Doune Castle wedding.
6th April—11th May 2010
Morning session of storytelling for Artlink Central in the Acute Children's Ward, Stirling Royal Infirmary.
27th March 2010
Simply Chocolate Easter workshop — Birnam Institute, 10am—4.30pm with Charlotte Flower.
26th March 2010
Wedding and Ceildh Culture night at Waveley pub, Edinburgh.
23rd March 2010
Storyrich surgery at AK Bell Library, Perth.
18th March 2010
Dundee University Storyrich training workshop for 2nd year teacher training students.
9th—13th March 2010
Nordic Voices — Finland. Planning and Storytelling visit to Turku for Nordic Voices 2010 (26th September—6th October) and Nordic Voices 2011. More to follow!
11th March 2010
Storytelling at Alva Academy, Stirling.
6th March 2010
International Womens day — Bread and Stories from the Hearth.
2nd March 2010
International Book Week — storytelling at Kirkmichael School.
11th February 2010
Storyrich training in storytelling for probationary teachers.
January—22nd March 2010
Stanley Storybox project at Stanley Mills with S.W.R.I.

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