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In Concert, Birnam Institute

"I remember as soon as you began to play there was such a sense of 'family' — as if your harp and voice made us all one in a way that was beyond the mere fact that we all knew you."

"It's difficult these days to produce music that comes honestly from the heart. It's the only kind of music that stays with me for my life — in a world full of commerce and flash it's a rare thing to see someone's sacred heart."

"Brighid of the Harp smiles through your voice and floats between your chords."

Fiona Davidson, Kippen, Scotland

"I come home from a stressful day at work and Claire's CD helps me unwind."

Claire McConnell, Aberfeldy

"... Claire has on many occasions worked at Rachel House Children's Hospice and through the beauty of her evocative clarsach music brings a tranquil and gentle atmosphere for families and staff in-house."

Rachel House Children's Hospice

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"Through a mutual interest in music I discovered Claire's gift at letting people find their voice. Claire's is an alternative method of helping you relax and focus on listening skills. She then leads you to begin to understand where, in the body, a song comes from. This has resulted in the thrill, real thrill, of beginning to find my voice, hear my voice, begin to enjoy my voice."

"Claire has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she utilises to calmly work with you at your pace, encouraging and motivating you throughout the session."

"The confidence it has given me wants me to 'sing' Claire's skills all over the world!"

Fiona Paton

"I still think of the music evening last Thursday. Truly inspiring and tranquil. I admire your singing and playing. Such a harsh world we live in now, to experience such a feeling of love and peace is just magic."

Anne Smith, Abbeyfields

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