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Healing Sound

This area of my work focuses on using voice, breathing, percussive exercises, alongside energising and relaxing techniques, as a therapeutic medium for group and personal growth, health and healing.

Corbenic Music Group at Scottish Crannog Centre

There are times in everyone's life when a feeling of dis-enchantment creeps in and we become out of kilter with the world and ourself.

If we find time to be still, we may hear an oh-so-tender voice whispering within...

"Relax... breathe deeply... in... out... aah... listen to your heartbeat, to the birds, to wind and rain... breathe in... out... aah... slowly."

So simple but this can help us begin to tune back in. We all have the ability to bring back balance and harmony into our daily lives and this can be done by simply singing, giving voice to all that we are and what we can become. We can reinspire ourselves by finding our true voice. You need not be a singer. You need not be a musical talent. All that is required is the longing for something you cannot find words to describe, a seeking of the unknown, a childlike curiosity.

Sound is a powerful communicator. Language rests ontop of tone, and how we use our voice in personal and work relationships is important. Learning to be mindful that a harsh word can lead to a person suffering, and speaking from a place of truth, honesty and intregity can make the difference between a personal and business life being a positive success or failure.

I run workshops, courses and team building seminars for:

  • anyone in business who wishes to learn and develop communication and confidence building skills;

  • individuals and groups needing voice coaching for presentation skills in public speaking;

  • professionals, therapists, and carers working within the health and healing field;

  • children and adults with speech and behavioural difficulties;

  • children and teenagers who are having problems at school or need a place of trust and love when life gets tough;

  • individuals who feel the need to sing, drum and/or dance, find their voice and have some fun on the journey.

Music therapy at Corbenic

The workshops can last an hour,
a half-day to a day, or a whole weekend. Depending on length, an appropiate programme is designed to fit requirments and to suit the client group.

Follow up work is sometimes advised and post workshop support can be arranged as needed.

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