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Everyone loves to listen to the spinning of a good yarn. At the lap of a storyteller we enter a magical world, and journey through spellbound as the teller weaves her words eye-to-eye, face-to-face, mind-to-mind, and heart-to-heart. And that precious experience we take with us, and some day may share with others. Such is the magic of this ancient oral tradition.

Storytelling is increasingly being used by many professionals as an educational, therapeutic and interpretative tool, and one that can help build communication and relationships in schools, communities, and workplaces. Storytelling crosses all boundaries and is inclusive and multi-cultural. Stories are meant to be shared. They are timeless. They speak of unseen worlds. They are about grief, joy, love, anger and can be silly, fantastic, ordinary, or scary. Stories give us courage and can help us to overcome fears. Stories give voice to the speechless — the trees and tender plants, the animals and birds and all creatures of the land, sea and air.

Stories can be shared outdoors round a fire, in the classroom, in the middle of a bluebell wood on a story walk, in your front room — anywhere! — in summer rain or winter snow, by the light of the moon or warming sun. They can be used as an integral part of a project bringing together storytelling, song, music, traditional crafts, cooking, dance, foraging for wild food. They bring together young and old.

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Travelling Tales

I tell stories from far and wide and close to home. My repertoire includes Scottish travellers stories; Scottish faery and wonder tales; creation myths and legends; folktales and historical stories; stories I have collected from time spent in Africa, North India, North America, The Northlands, stories from the nomadic peoples of the Earth, Peerie stories and Great Big Tales! My stories are suitable for all ages from toddlers to octogenarians and are loved by adults and children alike with special needs. I love to tell to families. I am also commited to passing on storytelling skills to all human beings that wish to learn.

Stories give us roots. These roots help us grow. The tree bears fruit and the fruit is shared. Stories empower. They are fun. They make our hearts all shiny. They help our dreams come true. They make us laugh or cry. Storytelling is essential for connecting humans together in our work as care-takers of this amazing planet.

I am an accredited Storyteller on the Scottish Storytelling Centre Directory, living in Highland Perthshire.

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